Brent Reservoir is situated in north-west London and is one of the best birding sites within the metropolis. My first birding to the reservoir was in 26th of December 2010 after reading more about it in the “Where to watch birds in Britain” by Simon Harrap and Nigel Redman. As I went there in the month of December which is winter season, the reservoir was half frozen and I saw Redwings which is in the Thrush family as well as a lifer a single Male Bullfinch.


Beside birds, if you are lucky might see a fox along the edges of the reservoir looking for something to eat. There are 2 hides that over-look the Eastern Marsh, but a key is required to use them (one-off fee, from Welsh Harp Conservation Group).



At different seasons, you get to see different species of birds like House Martin, Barn Swallow, Reed Warbler, Blackcap, Common Snipe, Fieldfare and many more.



















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